So, my first post.  Here it is for the world to read, either to admire or abhor.  I do not claim to know which is the best choice. I leave that to you, my doting audience, to decide.  I don’t know what direction this blog intends to go and all I can promise is that I will do my best to be as open and unvarnished in my expression as possible.  I started this as a way for me to express the struggles and triumphs I deal with day to day in life or in my whirring mind.  Who knows which is worse!? 

I’ll do my best to add my personality to each and every post, I don’t need a million readers or even tens of readers.  I say that out one side of my mouth, but the egomaniac in me demanded a public arena for these thoughts and musings out the other side of my mouth.  

Hope you enjoy and continue to follow along

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