Not alone

I woke up with my alarm this morning, decided to hit snooze twice. The extra 18 minutes had to have in it the restorative power of the last 7 hours I spent sleeping.  Tony Robbins, the motivational dynamo is someone I’ve listened to a lot. He has a routine he calls ‘priming’. His routine takes the better part of an hour as he described it, but he said as little as a few minutes can reshape the day. I decided to give it a go.  I started the day saying out loud numerous things for which I am thankful. The nice part is I didn’t have to repeat any of the things for which I am thankful. I am thankful for the number of names of those who are supporting me that I said in those minutes. I said it all aloud  despite feeling a bit odd at first. I’m unsure if it has helped yet.  Sporadic practice does not make one a master.   I also keep hearing ‘the world is your mirror, project what you wish it to reflect’. Mr. Robbins also mentions if you go looking for the color brown, you will always find it, and he encouraged his audience to see the browns,  greens, blues, and all the other spectrum of colors.  See the beauty in the present.  If I am talking in circles during these recent posts it is my belief that I am walking a wider arc of the same topics.  If I am appearing to ruminate, call me out!  

Have a great day, reader.  

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