Actions or words

Here is an an age old question.  Which is the best to trust? On paper it’s about as simple as it gets, always actions.  Words written or printed on paper don’t tend to overwhelm sense and reason like the spoken word does. The spoken word, with it’s whispered intention, crumbles even the sturdiest of walls we build around our hearts and minds.  The problem only tends to lie when the actions being done to us dig away at our sense of worth as the words lift us up in what feels like an almost opiate induced euphoria. The kind of thing that sends alarm bells sounding far and wide to everyone but you.  That sort of dissonance of intent and action do a mighty good job of destroying us as we sip evermore on the saltwater of good intentions trying to quench the thirst brought about by nonexistent actions. I find myself wrestling with such an issue lately.  To dive in to possibility and risk being dragged to the bottom and drowned. Or do I stay on land, high and dry, wondering ‘what if’.   It reminds me of a great song from the lead singer of incubus. It’s a song called ‘lady black’ where he emphatically sings ‘should I stay dry, or should I get wet, do I hang on, or should I let go? Should I let go?’.  Beautiful simplicity that captures my present conundrum almost perfectly.  I still don’t know. It feels like drowning at times then coming up and drinking in the sweetest air at other times.   I’ll enjoy my final glass of wine before turning in and hopefully finding that answer sooner than later. But then again an answer always comes to us eventually. Hopefully it doesn’t involve lungs full of water.

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