On a jet plane

I’m leaving my home today to fly home for the weekend.  It’s odd to state that. It is hard to call a place I moved away from, home.  I am flying back for good reason, spending time with family and perhaps even seeing a friend or two.  Things haven’t been very steady here as you can easily gather from my previous posts. I say that and must immediately follow with a ‘but,’.  At the moment I feel a soothing sense of ease as I leave. Things that have happened recently here have given me a shred of hope that’s thick enough to grip and hold.  The fear of it unraveling and slipping from my hands is all too real, but it takes a leap of faith sometimes.  A leap of faith with an expectation of needs being met feels safer than just diving headlong into a gamble.  I think perhaps the best thing for me to do will be to simply cast off anything happening here and not worry about it until I touch back down on my return flight.  Much the same as I have left the negative voices in the garage on my bike rides recently.  We will see how successful I am.  

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